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Daria Kanters
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CONDIBLE is a boutique consultancy company active in the Netherlands.
MISSION to partner ambitious, small business owners in bringing to life, leading and growing their companies.
FOR WHO? Do you want to start your business? Or are you already a business owner and you want to get things more under control?
We want you to focus on your talents. We will be your sparring partner and help you to take care of the rest. Clear strategy, action plan, and practical business solutions create a fundament!
LET'S START: Our aim is that you start your business with enthusiasm but prepared - learn from our experience.
LET'S FIX: Use our knowledge and accessibility for making your everyday business life easier - most of all, we want to transform your problems into challenges and these challenges into strengthening experiences.
LET'S GROW: Take your potential as a starting point and combine it with our curiosity and urge to participate in development - it is a recipe for growth strategy.